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Belly Dancing - FREE TRIAL CLASS

Register through Merrymeeting Adult Education for the Free Trial (when offered) and the current session in Brunswick.

Authentic Belly Dance, or raks sharqi, is an ancient form of dance.  Raks sharqi means “dance of the east” in Arabic.  Belly dance celebrates every body type and every stage of life.  The dance is proud and powerful and soft and sinewy with elegant and isolating movements emanating from the core.  It’s the Pilates of dance.  And so much fun!  In this Mixed Level (Beginner through Intermediate/Advanced) class, we will work with improvisation and group choreography, as well as continually working with subtleties of technique at whatever level you are.

Please wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you might wear to a yoga class that will allow for free movement and the ability to see your movement.  Hip scarves make it even more fun.  You can dance barefoot or in a pair of comfortable dance shoes.  Zils (finger cymbals) and veils will also be used in class and are available for purchase from the instructor.

TUESDAYS, 6-7:15pm, 9/12/23 to 11/14/23

People Plus, 35 Union Street, Brunswick, ME