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Yellow Dot Identification Program

Yellow Dot is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during that first “golden hour” after a crash or other emergency. A Yellow Dot in the driver’s-side rear window of your vehicle will alert first responders that vital medical information is stored in the glove compartment.

The Yellow Dot kit contains a personal information card and a Yellow Dot decal.

How Yellow Dot Works

  • Complete both sides of the personal information card as fully as possible, in pencil. Attach a recent photo of yourself and place the card in a visible location in your car’s glove compartment.
  • Complete one card for each person who regularly occupies the vehicle. See below to request additional medical information forms.
  • Place the Yellow Dot decal on the rear driver’s side window to alert first responders to look in the glove compartment for your medical information.
  • Update the card annually yourself or bring it to your annual medical check-up. If you sell your car, remove the Yellow Dot sticker.

You can download the Yellow Dot registration form here and register with People Plus:

By mail: PO Box 766, Brunswick, ME 04011
In person: 35 Union St, Brunswick, ME

Why enroll in Yellow Dot?

  • To assist the first responder in their job of saving lives
  • To save time
  • To be a voice for injured when they are unable to speak for themselves
  • To prepare for the future

How will Yellow Dot help?

  • Allow the first responder to have pertinent personal and medical information when they arrive on the scene regardless of the individual’s condition
  • Allow first responder to use the “Golden Hour” to begin assisting the injured rather than trying to pry information out of them or someone else

There is No Cost to the Participant!

For more information contact People Plus by email (click here), by phone at 729-0757, or visit the Yellow Dot webiste at yellowdotme.org