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Nutrition Counseling

Everyday Nutrition Associates, LLC is affiliated with People Plus and uses their office space to provide nutrition services. 

Anita Nugent, MS, RD, LD, CDE is a registered dietitian and started her private practice over 4 years ago.  She has successfully helped hundreds of people improve their health by making changes in the food they eat. 

The approach is a positive, step-by-step process that keeps the journey to better health focused and specific.  Each client leaves with a customized plan with tools and ideas to help with problem solving and strategies to help make better choices. Clients are provided sample meals, recipes, educational materials, tips on meal planning and long-term success.

Services Provided:

  • One on one nutrition counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy)
  • Diabetes Prevention Program

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of these services. 

For more information contact Anita at 504-6439 or visit www.nutritionforeveryday.com