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Charles S. Evans

Charlie was appointed to the board in July 2015. His first term ends 6/30/18. He recently retired from his work as a canine Physical Therapist, moving to this unique career after some years practicing physical therapy on humans. He came to this work late in life, after earning a M.S. in P.T. in his mid-50’s. Ask him to tell you about some of his experiences helping dogs who are aged, injured or have gone through surgery to regain their quality of life. Charlie served in the US Navy at the National Security Agency as a communications technician with a top-secret clearance. In his 30’s and 40’s, he had a business creating fine furniture, cabinets and architectural woodworking.  Charlie moved to Topsham with his wife, Carol, in 2014 and loves the stimulating environment and region. He took up golf and bocce as well as pickleball on retiring to Maine. He is working as a volunteer with the Cathance River Education Alliance. He sees People Plus as a way to become more involved in the community helping people to lead a better life.