Tai Chi - Advanced

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Oct 29 2014 12:30

  "a really good thing to do", "improves my balance", "a miracle", "so similar to dance", "increases my flexibility in body and mind", "MAKES ME FEEL YOUNG"

These are comments from students in the Advanced Tai Chi class. Students who have been practicing from 2 to 15 years!

Tai Chi is a program that exercises your mind and body. The body is challenged with moving slowly to keep your feet underneath you to enhance the power of you movements. Too often we move our upper bodies first and then have to scramble for our feet to catch-up - this is not moving in balance or strength.

Tai Chi is an elegant martial art that trains us to slow down and be careful (mindful) and prepare our next move. We flow from one posture to the next, actively using our minds to remember the sequence and where to place each foot and shift our weight.

"the only thing that makes me feel graceful"

Learning Tai Chi is not necessarily easy but you will develop an ease in how you move and discover a calmness and focus that can be beneficial to all aspects of your daily life. Taking a Tai Chi class is an investment in time and energy (practicing at home is greatly encouraged!) and the payback is enormous, just reread the commenets from the experienced students.

Beginners meet on Fridays at 12 noon and will be working on the 24 Posture Short Form. While Advanced Tai Chi players meet on Wednesdays at 12:30 to continue their practice and enrichment of the 118 Posture Yang Long Form.

Classes taught by Suzanne Neveux provide instruction and repetitive practice in the postures. Each of these classes costs $26 per month and meet in the Hall. To register, please call the Center at 729-0757.

Repeats every week until Fri Nov 10 2017 except Wed Dec 24 2014, Wed Sep 21 2016.