Aerobics Lite

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Jan 10 2017 12:30

Instructor Bea Blakemore. We will start out easy with a combination of sitting and standing movements. Gradually we will work up to our goal of standing for the whole hour while moving to music with low impact steps.

Low impact steps are basically walking steps, forward and back or side to side. One foot is always on the floor, so no jumping or leaping or other kind of high impact moves. As we gain stamina and balance, we’ll add crossing steps and knee lifts and maybe even some turns. The addition of arm movements will help get the heart rate up. One or two pound hand weights will be available or bring your own if you have them.

Repeats every week until Sat Feb 03 2018 except Tue Jun 20 2017, Tue Jun 27 2017, Tue Jul 04 2017, Tue Jul 11 2017, Tue Jul 18 2017.