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Thanks for supporting the 13th annual Gelato Fiasco Scoop-a-Thon to benefit the Brunswick Area Teen Center

The 13th annual Brunswick Area Teen Center Scoop-a-Thon, held May 10-13 at Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick, raised over $1,000 in donations and raffles. Plus $1,013 was brought in through sales, with Gelato Fiasco donating $1 from every pint or dish sold during the four-day event. Thank you to the Edward Jones Topsham office for being our lead sponsor for the event, bringing the grand total for the fundraiser to $2,500!

The staff at Gelato Fiasco even created a special flavor — bubblegum — for the event. 

“I can’t believe that over 1,000 pints and dishes were sold! The community has once again proven that not only does it love gelato, it loves coming together to help feed the teens all year! I just wish we could get that bubblegum flavor all year as well,” said Frizzle-Edgerton.

Jordan Cardone, Teen Center Coordinator, recalled one surprise happening during the Scoop-a-Thon. “There were some especially nice ‘feel good’ moments during the week. On Monday night, when closing up outside of Gelato Fiasco, I went to empty our donations can and there were five $100 dollar bills in it!” Wow, thank you!

This is the 17th year of the Teen Center Program and 13th Annual Gelato Fiasco Scoop-a-Thon. These annual events have seen over 1,000 people participating yearly and have raised over $50,000 for the Teen Center Program!

“The community has been coming together for this event for 12 years strong,” said Joshua Davis, co-founder of Gelato Fiasco. “It’s great to see so many people supporting our teens, year after year.”

The success of the annual Teen Center Scoop-a-Thon fundraiser inspired Gelato Fiasco to create its Scooping for Community Program, which provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations to mobilize supporters and raise funds for their organizations in the greater Brunswick and Portland areas. The program provides support to more than two dozen school and community organizations each year.