The People Plus Center is currently closed and all programs, classes and clubs are canceled until further notice.

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People Plus Free Exercise Videos

While the Center is closed, we are reimagining the jobs of our exercise class instructors to keep them employed with us! Stacy is busy filming videos of our instructors teaching your favorite classes from the Center. We hope our members will keep up their exercise routines and we hope seniors from all over (and non-seniors too) will try our classes and exercise from their homes. These videos are public so share with your favorite parent, or grandparent wherever they are! You can use the links here, or google People Plus Vimeo anytime to find all our videos (that’s our video page) and watch for our new youtube channel to be ready shortly!

Here is a link to our People Plus Vimeo page. New videos are added daily including Yoga, Loosen Up, Tai Chi, Zumba, Chair Yoga and more!