Crafters' Shop

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The Crafters' Shop offers a variety of crafted clothing and accessories for sale.  Please call the Center at 729-0757 for details, pricing and delivery time, since these items are made to order.  All proceeds benefit the general operation of the Center.

The cable knit sweater on the right can be special ordered to the size and color of your choice.
  Here are some other items that our Crafters offer for sale:

  • For Babies: bibs, booties, sweaters, blankets, quilts, hats, and Afghans.
  • For Children: aprons, coloring book totes, sun dresses, sweaters, fun fur purses, doll clothing for Barbies, Cabbage Patch, and American Girl dolls.
  • For Adults: paperback totes, aprons, napkins, pot holders, purses, totes, pillows, scarves (silk, fun fur, knit), hats (knit, felt), sweaters, Afghans.

Here are some of the Crafters who make our outstanding crafts.